Kompas Line, Inc.: Global One Stop Shipping

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Offering service to Asia, Latin America, Europe & Middle East Global shipping in a world economy is technologically complex and fast changing. Current costs are increasing while Cargo Hold availability has declined. Evolving companies definitely need a strategic freight transport partner... After all, both you and your customer depend on cargo arriving at the right place at the right time.

Kompas Line, Inc. has successfully navigated the world's oceans for over a decade. We are committed to reliably moving containers to their intended destination, and arriving on schedule. From any origin to any destination on the Globe, KOMPAS LINE is fully prepared to handle your cargo.

KOMPAS LINE offers Global "One Stop Shipping" services. Global One Stop Shipping includes coordination of all necessary insurance and import/export documentation. A full-service carrier, Kompas Line, Inc. provides numerous transportation and logistics solutions to a wide variety of industries.

Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL)? International Container Standards have significant impact on freight costs, which is precisely why companies often find it difficult to transport product. Experience helps. Your success matters to us. Freely use the Shipping Tools this website provides. Better yet, Contact Us with all of your Ocean Freight questions or to Request a Quote.